Monday, July 20, 2015

Inside Out

I hadn't really planned to see this but when I came to know that the man behind this also made "Up", there was really nothing more to think. I don't usually cry watching a movie (though I do get sad, sometimes desperately so, more often than I would care to admit) but Up left me moist eyed and lump throated (is that a word? never mind!). I thought Inside Out was even better than "Up" in some respects; wildly imaginative, full of insights that made me go wow with recognition, funny with many blink-and-miss kind of throwaway gags (my favourite being "these facts and opinions look so similar", or "forget it jake, it's cloudtown") and best of all, full of important and vital life lessons. End of childhood is a tragic episode in life and this movie captures it beautifully. It also teaches the value of sadness in life. And most important of all it shows how transient the human selves are. I was almost in despair when one by one all of Riley's personality islands are destroyed (this is what happens when you experience a kind of nervous breakdown) but then in the end we see new islands crop up and take their place as she goes through new experiences. Though it did make me sad that the goofball island was lost for ever!

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